Responsible Investing

Responsibility Requires More Than Words

At AB, we view responsibility as an active pursuit throughout the firm- from the way we work and act to our community service and the investment solutions we deliver to our clients. Whether you're a global institution, financial advisor or high-net-worth individual, we're committed to being your most valued partner. 


Our Vision of Corporate Responsibility*

*We integrate material ESG factors into most of AB’s actively managed strategies.
Commitment to Being a Responsible Firm
Commitment to Being a Responsible Firm

AB has a strong commitment to being a responsible firm.

ESG Considerations and Engagement
ESG Integration and Engagement

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and engagement are fundamental to our responsible investment and research processes.

Portfolios with Purpose
Portfolios with Purpose

Leveraging our perspective as a responsible firm and investor, we’ve designed Portfolios with Purpose to achieve financial objectives with a dedicated ESG focus.

Seth Bernstein, President and CEO, AllianceBernstein

Bridging Climate Science and Investing

Climate change is creating complex challenges for the planet and financial markets, and momentum is growing to address these issues through commercial, economic and regulatory action. That's why AB has partnered with Columbia University's Earth Institute and launched the Climate Science and Portfolio Risk curriculum in 2021 through the Climate Change and Investment Academy. 

Innovative ESG Research:

AB’s Proprietary Research and Engagement Collaboration Platforms


ESIGHT is a one-stop online shop where AB investment teams can access and share proprietary information about corporate ESG practices. We've launched several ESIGHT enhancements, including an ESG knowledge center, COVID-19 research and country ESG scores for fixed income.

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Our fixed-income ESG research platform, PRISM, provides independent ESG assessments and scores that impact investment decisions. The goal, of course, is straightforward: better and faster information can empower better decisions.


Investment Range

ESG Integration and Engagement

AB integrates material ESG factors throughout our investment process for most of our actively managed strategies. Our investment teams use AB's proprietary tools to determine which ESG issues are material to performance, how they can be integrated into investment decisions, and to encourage the businesses they own to take them into account.


Our sustainable portfolios identify environmental or social challenges presented by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and target investment in issuers that provide products or services to tackle them. Prominent themes include climate, health and empowerment.

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Sustainable Investing
Sustainable Investing

Aiming to generate positive environmental, social and investment outcomes


AB's Responsibility Report & Stewardship Report
ESG Governance, ESG Investment Management Process, Climate-related Risk Management

Please click the following link/icon and refer to the “ Reporting and Statements ”  section for the following reports :

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  • Stewardship Report
  • Engagement Campaign Report
  • Climate Change & TCFD Report
  • Proxy Voting and Governance Policy