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AB is a leading global investment-management and research firm. We strive to anticipate the needs of a broad spectrum of clients worldwide and deliver a comprehensive range of investment solutions to meet them—today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Cold Cash? How to Redeploy in Hot Markets
Investors have parked record piles of cash on the sidelines amid concerns about valuations and volatility. But short-term safety comes at a price. By defining long-term goals, investors can put idle cash to work despite uncertainty about the path to recovery.
Scott Krauthamer | 12 April 2021
Is Your Portfolio Prepared for Inflation?
Investments behave differently during inflationary periods. A few adjustments can prepare your portfolio for what may come.
Five Things Investors Should Know About Hydrogen
Hydrogen's potential as an energy source is attracting renewed attention. It may take 20 years or so for the potential to be realized. But the effects are likely to be felt within the planning horizons of most long-term investors - a good reason to start thinking now about the investment implications.
Gates Moss,Jeremy Taylor | 01 April 2021
Will High-Dividend Payers Make a Comeback in 2021?
Having strongly underperformed the wider stock market in 2020, high-dividend stocks have shown early signs of a rebound in recent weeks.
Karen Watkin | 22 March 2021
How to Choose a Sustainable Equity Portfolio
As inflows to sustainable equities break new records, here's what investors should look for to identify portfolios that align with their responsible investing goals.
Dan Roarty,Sarah Tunnell | 22 March 2021
Intangible Assets Provide Tangible Defenses for Equities
Defensive equities are usually found in sectors that have withstood market shocks, such as utilities and real estate. But as COVID-19 shakes up investment conventions, companies with intangible assets are being more appreciated for their volatility cushion.