• The investment objective of the Portfolio is to achieve a high risk-adjusted total return.

Portfolio Management Team

Fund Literature

On 20 February 2014, AllianceBernstein - Short Maturity Dollar Portfolio was renamed as AllianceBernstein - Mortgage Income Portfolio and the Portfolio’s investment objective, policies, management team and benchmark (from 1-Month USD Libor to 3-Month Libor) were also changed. The Portfolio has also expanded use of derivatives, however, financial derivative instruments will not be used extensively for investment purposes. All data prior to 20 February 2014 relates to the AllianceBernstein - Short Maturity Dollar Portfolio.

With effective 20 February 2014, AllianceBernstein - Mortgage Income Portfolio (old name as AllianceBernstein - Short Maturity Dollar Portfolio) has retired and re-designated its current Class A, A2, AT, B, B2, BT, C and C2 shares as Class AX, A2X, ATX, BX, B2X, BTX, CX and C2X shares, respectively. These legacy share classes are no longer open for subscription by new investors. Simultaneously with the retirement and re-designation of legacy share classes, this Portfolio has launched new versions of Class A, A2, AT, B, B2, BT, C and C2 shares, open to new investors.